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We have taken all steps possible to ensure that wee adventurers Play Hub is a safe, happy and fun environment.

Please take the time to read our polices and contact us for further information and queries.

By booking a play session at Wee Adventurers Play Hub you agree to the following:

  1. The entry price per child is payable on booking. Please note this is non-refundable.

  2. Children must be supervised by parents / carers whilst visiting Wee Adventurers Play Hub. Parents/carers are responsible for the behaviour and well-being of the child in their care.

  3. Those in charge of the child/children are solely responsible for the control, care and safety of their child/children at all times whilst at Wee Adventurers Play Hub and are under no circumstances allowed to leave the building without taking the child/children within their care with them.

  4. Under no circumstance will Wee Adventurers Play Hub take responsibility for loss or damages to personal possessions during a session.

  5. Wee Adventurers Play Hub reserves the right to require anyone, child or adult, to leave if their behaviour is likely to threaten the safety or enjoyment of others.

  6. Please do not attend the session with your child if they are ill and risk infecting other children.

  7. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure the child/children do not interact with any material/food substance that may cause an allergic reaction to their child/children.

  8. We regret we are unable to provide refunds for non-attendance.

  9. Report any behavioural concerns to a member of staff. Please do not attempt to intervene yourself.

  10. Parents/carers should note that whilst every consideration has been given for the safety of children using the play cafe, we cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur because of children playing on the equipment.

  11. We check our play equipment daily. Please report any damage to play equipment to staff immediately. This is so we can ensure we continue to provide a safe play environment for our customers.

  12. No food, drink or chewing gum should be taken into the play areas.

  13. It is forbidden to smoke or vape within the Play Hub.

  14. Children who are unwell should not enter the play area or venue. Please inform a staff member if your child has been unwell/sick.

  15. In the interests of health and safety please report any spillages or dropped food to staff to allow them to deal with it immediately.

  16. Children need to be supervised when using the toilet facilities. Nappy changing and the use of potties should be conducted in the baby changing area in the toilets. Place nappies in the correct bins provided.

  17. Please report any concerns regarding the toilet facilities to a member of staff.

  18. Wee Adventurers Play Hub has Public Liability Insurance.

You can read our full terms & conditions and our policies here.

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