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Health & Safety Policy

Wee Adventurers Play Hub takes the safety and welfare of our staff and customers, very seriously. Our Health and Safety Policy plays an important role in setting and making clear the standards of health and safety that we apply in our business. We may amend this policy from time to time. in line with the needs and practices of our business. All staff, contractors and workers and other persons affected by the work we undertake are covered by Wee Adventurers Play Hub health and safety policy.

Wee Adventurers Playb Hub will ensure that:

  1. All toys and equipment are checked and cleaned regularly; any damaged equipment will be repaired or disposed of immediately. 

  2. All equipment offered to children is age/stage appropriate.

  3. Risk assessments are carried out daily to ensure the safety of all staff and customers. This is recorded and reviewed regularly.

  4. As a legal requirement I carry out regular fire risk assessments within my setting and I have regular fire drills. Fire safety equipment is checked regularly, and all fire exits always remain unobstructed. All information is recorded in a Risk assessment and Fire log Booklet.

  5. All hazardous substances and medicines are kept out of reach or in a locked cupboard.

  6. First aid box is correctly stocked, and contents are checked frequently and replaced as necessary.

  7. Have a fire blanket/working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, all of which are checked regularly.

  8. It is my legal obligation to keep a record of all accidents and incidents. These records provide a clear audit trail with names, signatures, dates and times etc. 

  9. Accidents/incidents may also need to be reported to the Health & Safety Executive, Environmental Health or the Public Health Agency.

  10. I have procedures in place in the event of an emergency (see Managing Emergencies policy).

  11. As a legal requirement I am registered as a food business with the Environmental Service in my local Council. I keep strict hygiene procedures when preparing and storing food and follow health and safety guidelines.

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