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Top tips for all kinds of adventures!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Being organised is a must when traveling with wee ones. You need to make sure that the adventure you want to embark on is enjoyable for everyone included (if you want to stay sane) here are some top tips for every adventure whether  it’s a day trip out, a weekend camping or a holiday abroad.


What sort of adventure are you planning? Day trip? Make sure you have all the gear for the day. I always try to prep the night before if we are going on a big trip. I get all the gear ready, outdoor coats, spare clothes, wellies or boots, picnic, snacks, and drinks. I like to keep a box in the boot of my car with everything from a first aid kit, to spare jumpers, sun cream and hand gel. Some of my favourite items include the range from toddle born wild. These items are great for being out on the go. Click on the photo to purchase and use my code WEEADVENTURES20 for 20%off

Off for a weekend away and need any specialist gear? If you don’t have a big budget you don’t need to buy everything new. Use ebay or Facebook, you can always find great deals on these. (Make sure you do a full test run with everything you will take for your trip. You don’t want to discover on the adventure that your new kit isn’t suitable)

Off abroad? Planning in advance is key. Check your accommodation fits your needs and is available. Check passport dates, get travel insurance and make copies of important documents. (Some governments enforce rules that require documentary evidence of relationship and permission for a child to travel from the parents or guardian if they are not present) Check if you need any vaccinations and that you have the correct currency for where you are visiting.


Set yourself a budget for your trip so you know what you can afford. There are many ways to keep costs down and there are also lots of free places to go for day trips that are completely free.


If you are struggling to work something out or can’t find the answer, then use the internet to find someone who would know.


Sometimes thing just don’t go the way you expect. Try not to stress about the things you can’t control life is too short.


Great photos are the ultimate keepsake.

They are free and they are easy to share. Always take lots of photos on your adventures.


AND of course it goes without saying, have the best time and make those memories that will be treasured forever.

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