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Getting your toddler ready for a new baby

Becoming an older sibling is an exciting time. A toddler or young child might not fully understand the news about your pregnancy, but it's worth taking the time to discuss the new arrival and the changes that will happen. It’s is a great way to transition your child before the big day.

Toddlers have no concept of time, but are very observant, so I have waited until my bump is very visible to discuss the baby. Talk about the new baby growing inside, let them pat your tummy gently and say hi to the baby if they want. Discuss that the baby will need milk, changes and sleep. Talk what the baby will do and how they can help, toddlers love to help!

You can take an older child to an antenatal appointment. My eldest has really enjoyed this, she loves to help check on baby and hear the heartbeat.

There are so many different books about becoming an older sibling. Sitting down and reading one is a great way to talk about your pregnancy and prepare for some of the changes.

There is only so much your toddler will understand. They will only realise how big the change is to their little world once the baby arrives. With the big changes coming it’s worth making the most of the time you have together at the moment.

You can look back at photos of your toddler as a baby to help them understand what is coming. You can explain that the new baby will be like this too and that they will grow, just like them.

To help reassure your toddler when the big day comes and that they feel happy and secure, having a few dry runs of whoever is looking after them can help.

I hope these tips have helped to prepare your wee ones for the arrival of a baby in the family.

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