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Autumn Days

Autumn is officially here and who doesnt enjoy the leaves falling, changing colours and making the crackle and crunch beneath your feet. I love nothing more than putting on my big coat, hat, scarf and gloves and finding somewhere to explore.

Your probably spending more time inside so here are some fabulous autumn activities for children  to keep them occupied this season.

Play dough

Why not make your own play dough. It’s so easy to make and you can add different spices to get you in the autumn mood. Add some leaves, pinecones, and cookie cutters, and you're all set for hours of fun.

Autumn Slime

What's more fun than squishy, stretchy slime? Find a recipe online that'll keep kids playing with it for hours. You can add glitter and gems to make it sparkle. Add some essential oils to make it smell incredible.

Autumn Wreath making

While out on your autumn scavenger hunt find lots of colourful leaves, pine cones and other autumn goodies to make a wreath for your door.

Nature Foraging.

Get outside and go on a nature scavenger hunt. There are many free printable ones online. Look for leaves, conkers, pinecones, feathers, toadstools, apples, and more.

Leaf Rubbings

Leaf rubbings are lots of fun. Use crayons, chalk or pencils. See what different types of leaves you can find. When finished cut them out to make a beautiful leaf banner.

Collect Conkers

One of the best things about autumn, collecting conkers. How many can you find? Who can find the biggest? You can then use your conkers to play different games (like noughts and crosses or  make a conker bracelet) or use them in arts and crafts activities.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch.

Why not find a pumpkin patch. Pick yourself a pumpkin then have a go at carving and decorating them.

Paper lantern

Grab a paper bag and lots of things to decorate the bag. Use tissue paper and glue to make a colourful collage. Pipkin a battery powered tea light and when they are lit up they glow all sorts of beautiful colours.

Apple picking

Head to an orchard near you to collect some juicy apples. It's that time of year when apples are ready to be picked. Use them for baking a delicious pie.

Halloween fun

Halloween is one of the biggest dates in the autumn. Check out some of your local attractions to see what’s on. You could find a spooky show or a fancy dress party. Don't forget to go trick or treating.

Autumn Walk

Go on an autumn walk. Find some muddy puddles to splash in and golden leaves to kick and scrunch.

Do some gardening

Autumn is a great time to do some planting. Find a patch In the garden or a colourful pot. Get some seeds or bulbs and plant them ready for next spring.

I hope I have inspired you to find an awesome autumn activity. Whether conker collecting, finding crunchy leaves or some baking. Don't forget you also have all the fun of Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to also!

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